5' x 2.5' White Gloss Mandir with Floating Shelves

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Designer modern mandir crafted for your divine worship. The name “Vivaan” means full of life and that’s how you will feel when you bring this mandir to your home or office space. This mandir is ideal for a pooja room where you can sit down and perform your religious rituals. The warm light stemming behind the intricate jali work radiates energy and brings warmth to any space. The sleek storage and elongated back design make it easier to accommodate large idols. The drawer comes with a detachable platform extension tray which provides extra utility for keeping thali sets and other pooja essentials.
Fun fact: Vivaan is another name for Lord Krishna
  • Powered with high illumination LED lighting
    Instantaneously illuminate your home or office by bringing warmth to your space.
  • High value, long-lasting wooden mandir
    All mandirs are created with modern materials i.e engineered wood, plywood, solid surfaces, texture finishes etc.
  • Comes with complete decorative material
    Each mandir is beautifully adorned with ghantis, latkans and other decoration materials
  • Idol product composition
    All idols are crafted using cultured marble which is very durable. We then mix beautiful color dyes to add definition to the idol before coating it with a clear, hard protective gel.
  • Mandir product composition
    We use industry-standard, long-lasting and highly durable marine plywood, engineered wood and wood polymer composites for the base structure. The surface finish is created by applying solid surfaces (acrylic) and texture boards. Kindly note we do not use any laminates or chemical-based painting solutions.
  • Cleaning and maintenance
    All given lattices/jali cutting are sandwiched between a pexi-glass that is easy to clean and maintain. All arclic and marble surfaces can be cleaned by applying regular mild soap solutions or cleaning agents. All surfaces except for the brown laminate finish ones are water and scratch resistant.
  • Power consumption
    The mandir has an inbuilt, hardwired LED light that requires 12V -> 2-10 AMP current. All LEDs have an external power plug and power adapter which can be easily replaced in the event of a malfunction. The power plug itself is comptabile with standard 110-240V power supply.
  • Packaging
    Our products are flat packed using sturdy packing to save space and avoid in-transit damage. The accessories are usually placed in the mandir drawer while shipping. All mandirs include an assembly guide that has detailed step-by-step instructions for a quick and easy setup.
We advise all our customers to please read the following disclaimers before making a purchase through our website or store.
  • The bells, asans, thalis, idols, mandir wall mount brackets and any other pooja accessories displayed on the mandir listings/photos are for visualiation purposes only and are not included in the base price of the mandir. If you wish to include any of the accessories for your home, please feel free to add them to your cart separately
  • The latkans and small brass bells that hang from the hood are included with the mandir but the specific design of these accessories is subject to availability and the actual latkan that you receive may vary slightly in design or in length.
  • The Mandir Store retains intellectual property rights for all media and products available on our website. Unauthorized use of content or re-sale of mandir either directly or indirectly via third parties is strictly prohibited.
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